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The British Bird of Prey Centre

Access For All

The British Bird of Prey Centre exists for anyone and everyone to be able to experience, learn about and be inspired by the owls and raptors which inhabit or visit our cities, towns and countryside. 

They are not only beautiful but extremely important in balancing our delicate natural ecosystems. 

Our private flying experiences, are just that private, so you can speak to us and we can adapt to suit any ability or consideration. Please speak to us at the earliest opportunity so that we can discuss your needs and make the experience unforgettable.*

We are located with the National Botanic Garden of Wales, this may not sound ideal for accessibility, but they have the same ethos as us when it comes to access for all. For more information click here. 

Paths within the garden, around the centre and to flying ground are all wheelchair accessible.  The centre itself has step-free, concrete paths around the aviaries and multiple benches where you can sit and enjoy the birds. Our display area seating has been significantly increased in 2021 and again there is wheel chair accessible access to a number of priority benches. 

*Please note: some birds all need particular consideration and so may not be available to meet.   

Birds of Prey