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Why should I arrange a school visit to The British Bird of Prey Centre?

The British Bird of Prey Centre is a great place to visit and inspire young people to understand and appreciate our natural environment and ecosystems.

The advantage of arranging a school visit here is that, alongside a dedicated teaching session, you will have access to a flying display where pupils will see a range of different birds of prey flying free and up close. You also have access to the Centre and will be able to see the whole collection of birds in their homes. The collection features all of our native British birds of prey including owls, eagles, kites, falcons and hawks.

Every pupil will be given the opportunity to fly one of our birds themselves.

You can also spend some time exploring the beautiful National Botanic Garden of Wales .

Our mission statement reflects our desire to encourage everyone to care about birds of prey and we strive to be fully inclusive. We want to make sure that everyone can have a fun filled, memorable visit to the Centre. We have prepared a Visual Story and an Accessibility Statement with further information. If you have any other requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Usually the children tell us the best part of their trip was the bus or the food but this time they were so excited about seeing the birds. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to see such amazing creatures up close.

Sian Roberts-Alatti, Ysgol Penrhos

What happens on a school visit to the British Bird of Prey Centre?

  • On arrival at the Centre, all school groups are given an introductory talk by one of our experienced members of staff. This talk will be tailored to suit the curriculum requirements of the pupils in your group and will give an overview of the work we do and the birds that we have in our care.
  • All pupils will have the opportunity to fly one of our birds.
  • You will have the chance to team with the National Botanic Garden school programme to cover more curriculum areas in one visit. Please enquire for details and prices.
  • As a school group leader you are welcome to visit us for a free recce in advance of your visit. (Alternatively we can do this via a video call).
  • The buildings and grounds are fully accessible. (See our Accessibilty Statement)
  • We have a Visual Story which can be used to prepare learners for their visit.
  • There is ample free coach parking with easy set down and pickup.
  • The driver has free admission to the Gardens and Centre.



You will learn how a variety of birds of prey use their different styles of flight to gain an advantage over their prey. You can work out what styles of flight work best for which species and why. Study wing shapes and styles and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Learn how the human world has adapted our own inventions using techniques from birds.


In these teaching sessions you will learn about the different ways that our birds hunt for their preferred prey. You will find out about the skills and features that they have which make them apex predators. In the flying display, you will see these skills in action as we encourage the birds to mimic the behaviours that they use naturally.

Owl Pellet Investigation

In this interactive session the pupils become science detectives. Using the dedicated classroom you will have the opportunity to dissect an owl pellet and use the chart to work out what the owls have been eating and understand how their digestive system works. There will also be the opportunity to meet an owl for a truly up close experience.


During these teaching sessions you will learn about a range of  conservation projects, past, present and future that are happening across Wales and the UK. You will also have the opportunity to get up close to our red kites and our white-tailed sea eagle to learn about their conservation status and how we can ensure these beautiful birds thrive in the wild.

Nocturnal Animals

In this teaching session you will learn about owls and their super powers that allow them to be brilliant at hunting at night, including eye colour, hearing and silent flight. You will also find out if all owls are nocturnal. You will see the owls showing off their super powers in the flying display. There will also be the chance for everyone to meet and hold an owl!

Owl Babies

Your visit to the Centre can be linked to the much-loved book by Martin Waddell. Listen to the story in the presence of some of our owls - depending on the time of year you might even meet an owl baby! You can hear about the owl babies born at the Centre. Learn about the ways that the owl parents look after their babies.

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark

The story book by Jill Tomlinson where we meet Plop and learn about his fear of the dark is a great reason for a visit to the Centre. You can listen to an extract of the story, meet our very own barn owl and find out all about their features. You can also watch one flying in our display and hear (or not hear?) their silent flight for yourself. 

Tailored sessions

If you have other ideas about how you and your pupils would benefit from a visit to us, e.g. to develop creative writing, a photography or art project, please get in touch and we will work with you to tailor a session to meet your requirements.

2022 Prices*

The British Bird of Prey Centre & 1 hour teaching session

+ the National Botanic Garden of Wales

£9.00 per child +VAT

Full access to The British Bird of Prey Centre & The National Botanic Garden of Wales all day

including flying display and a teaching session



The British Bird of Prey Centre & The National Botanic Garden of Wales

£6.00 per child + VAT

Full access to The National Botanic Garden of Wales and The British Bird of Prey Centre all day includes flying display






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