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Private Photography Experience


If you have a passion for photographing birds, or if you are looking to develop your skills to this specialist genre what could be better than spending time assisted by an experienced falconer.

With options tailored to the individual photographer and the club or group, this is your opportunity to spend time capturing some of your favourite birds of prey. 

These private sessions, available daily by advanced booking, offer the chance to work with our beautiful birds.  Whether you would like them static in the natural surroundings of the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, or demonstrating their incredible flying talents. Your dedicated falconer will be there to help place the birds and allow you to achieve the shots you are looking for. 

With our collection including many of the native and visiting species that can be found in the British Isles, along with a few additional popular characters we are able to offer you a varied and different set of subjects within your experience with us. Whether you want a Kestrel in it's distinctive hoover, the distinctive spread of a Golden Eagles wings or the penetrating eyes of the illusive Goshawk, the British Bird of Prey Centre Photography experience is the one for you. 

Located, as we are, within the extensive grounds of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, we are also able to offer a variety of backdrop. Whether its a Barn Owl over the parkland or a Long-eared Owl in the woodland. The changing light and colour of the landscape through each day and each season, will mean there is always something different for the creative eye. Some tailoring of the experience is possible so please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we will endeavour to accommodate your ideas. 

White Tailed Sea Eagle

Image by Drew Davies

Treat yourself to this ultimate photography experience

Individual session: £99

Individual spectator: £25

Your Private Photography Experience booking includes:

  • 2 hours photography time with a dedicated falconer.
  • 100% Private for you of your group
  • Entry for the day to the British Bird of Prey Centre
  • Entry to a British Bird of Prey Flying Display
  • Entry to the National Botanic Garden of Wales
  • Refreshments afterwards

Group Photography Day


Our group session is a fantastic full day opportunity for photography clubs or just  groups of friends. This experience provides the opportunity for a uniquely focused social event or as a platform to share ideas and gain experience, it could even be used as a more formal training event.

Ideally suited to groups of 15 participants*. Sessions can be tailored within certain parameters and we welcome discussion with the organising individual, at the earliest opportunity, so that we can do our best to create the situations and the birds of prey you are looking for. Birds can be presented both in flight and static (perched), but please bear in mind there can be time variations with different situations that can effect the number of birds in your experience.  'Static' situations often can be quicker to achieve than 'in flight' ideas.  

With all our experiences we recommend outdoor clothing and sensible footwear.

* Numbers are at the organisers discretion although we do recommend a maximum of 25photographers. Some static locations may require photographers to work in rotation.

Image by Drew Davis

Image by Drew Davis

Bring you Club for a memorable day getting experiencing our beautiful native birds of prey.

Group Photography Full Day £450

Your Club Photography Day booking includes:

  • 2 hours photography time with a dedicated falconer.*
  • *100% Private for you of your group
  • Entry all the day to the British Bird of Prey Centre
  • Entry to all three of our Flying Displays
  • Entry to the National Botanic Garden of Wales
  • Use of the Education Room, for breaks, discussion or teaching
  • Bring your own lunch or we can connect you with catering at the National Botanic Garden

Speak to us directly to reserve your incredible full day of photography. 

Birds of Prey