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Fly the UK's 3 largest birds of prey

Power, precision and prowess!

Eagle Experience Wales is the opportunity of a lifetime to interact with 3 of the UK's largest birds of prey. This is a fully hands on, interactive experience where you fly these amazing birds yourself.

Your day starts with Midas, our male Golden Eagle. Weighing 3.2kg you will experience his agility and skill as he stoops from the sky.

Next you will go for a stroll through the Garden with one of the worlds most powerful owls; the European Eagle Owl. As you wander through your beautiful surroundings, Popeye will be happy to follow you and land on your glove whenever you ask him to.

Finally you will be able to test your strength (and nerve!) as you fly Aquarius our juvenile White-tailed Sea Eagle to your glove. Having the eagle with the largest wingspan in the world fly towards you is an experience you will remember forever!

Handle and fly a Golden Eagle

Handle and fly a Golden Eagle

European Eagle owl

European Eagle owl

Fly the UK's 3 largest Birds of Prey yourself

9.30am - 11.30am daily

Adults: £200

Spectators: £50

This experience is not suitable for children. These birds weigh between 2kg & 5kg and you will need to be strong enough to hold these weights on one arm to take part. 

Your experience ticket includes:

  • Entry into the National Botanic Garden of Wales
  • Entry into The British Bird of Prey Centre
  • Entry to one British Bird of Prey flying display (11.30am, 1.30pm or 3pm (3pm summer only)
  • Handling & flying a European Eagle Owl, a Golden Eagle & a White-tailed Sea Eagle 
  • 9.30am - 11.30am with your dedicated falconer. Approximately 1.5 hours of flying
  • Refreshments afterwards
  • 100% Private


*Directions will be attached to your booking confirmation. The National Botanic Gardens main gate does not open until 10am. 

Amazing experience!

Just had an amazing morning at the British Birds of Prey Centre. The Eagle Experience was brilliant and gave us the opportunity of seeing these magnificent birds up close. My husband had the experience as a Christmas present and I was an observer. The falconer, Alex, was great - really knowledgeable and funny with lots of stories and information about the birds. He was able to handle a golden Eagle, white tailed Eagle and also take an eagle owl for a walk in the woods.

After a cuppa we stayed on to watch the scheduled show, again presented by Alex with help from 2 other members of staff. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this too as it featured on owl, a buzzard and another white tailed Eagle.

A great day!
Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

European Eagle Owl

European Eagle Owl

White-tailed Eagle

White-tailed Eagle

Bird Experience handling - WOW!

I booked the Eagle Experience and can honestly say, it was truly an amazing day!

The centre is lovely. The birds all looked beautiful and the staff were really happy and helpful.

I loved seeing a Goshawk in a display for my first time, very special toe as the last birds I saw with my Mum before she passed away.

The Eagle Experience was something else though, I've been on quite a few different experience days but this was the most awesome, it can't get better than being up close and personal with an Eagle Owl, Golden Eagle and White Tailed Sea Eagle. Fascinating being to interact with these huge birds and being able to trust them because of how they've been raised so well there.

I'd go back and do it all again in a heartbeat!

If you've never held a bird of prey, give it a go, there are lots of smaller ones too!

Well done to all the staff and volunteers, you're doing an amazing job.

PS Thank you for photos and videos!
Birds of Prey